Training and developing lone working employees to correctly carry out their job can help improve productivity, morale, quality of work and even their safety. This can also help to enable businesses to work and operate at greater overall operational efficiencies also.

In hiring Safer Training Solutions to help with this, they are able to deliver lone worker training solutions that are flexible, cost effective and effective also in quickly being able to improve worker safety. We are able to work with members of staff in and across no end of sector types e.g. social workers, housing support officers, charity workers receptionists, office staff, retail and much more.

News stories regularly point out lack of training as a contributing or sole factor for serious workplace injuries and fatalities. For example, there have been stories over the years of members of staff falling victim to being crushed by machinery, burnt in industrial ovens and open to no end of other hazards. Aside from a lack in proper risk assessment, it was also found that the staff member involved was not properly trained or experienced to carry out the task in hand safely; this too is where and how we are able to help.

For anyone carrying out potentially dangerous work alone, it may be useful to shadow and show the employee on the job or recreate role playing scenarios for them to react to. This is something we do as part of this training. For example, if your lone workers work closely with vulnerable individuals and behind closed doors, this is where a training programme will allow them to role play a situation in which a client becomes aggressive.

In any case, regardless of how you decide to implement lone worker training, remember that doing so could save lives. This is a great investment for any business to make – for themselves and their staff.


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