• Life saving practice
    Elena is conducting a vital primary survey on another learner she is following the basic life saving principles known as the A B C this stands for airway breathing and circulation first she opens her airway because without an open airway the person would not be able to breathe and if you cant breathe their will be no oxygen for the heart to circulate around the body.
  • EFAW courses practice
    Here we have a learner on one of EFAW courses practising applying a bandage to another learner this is after learning what type of wounds we can suffer and the importance of recognising the symptoms of shock and the things we can do for someone should they suffer the effects
  • CPR practice
    CPR stands for cardio pulmonary resuscitation cardio relating to the heart pulmonary relating to the lungs , if someone stops breathing then someone will have to take over the job of the heart and the lungs this means pushing firmly on that persons chest hard enough to squeeze the heart so it can pump blood around the body and blowing air into the lungs so the blood that is being pushed around is oxygenated , this is what harry is learning here.
  • Bandaging practice
    Some good bandaging being done here as well as all the practical things that can be done for someone if they obtain an injury our delegates have learnt that what is just as important is talking to the patient and providing them with reassurance this simple thing can help prevent a situation from worsening by calming the patient down.
  • Anaphylaxis practice
    Here we have Joe he is putting into practice what he has learnt about anaphylaxis a major over reaction of the bodies immune system usually to a completely harmless substance , Joe has learnt what the likely triggers for someones anaphylaxis might be how to manage them inn the initial stages and how to administer life saving treatment in the form of an epipen.

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