Our training is designed to assist nightclub operators as well as other similar operators. This is achieved by creating an environment which allows for patrons to enjoy themselves safely and comfortably, in order to increase revenue while reducing risk of a violent incident, unintentional injury or anything else which could create its own legal issues. This training is also perfectly suited for individual bouncers looking to expand their skills in providing the necessary high quality security to the general public.

Unfortunately, there are times when operators do not properly prepare for what can happen when things go wrong. Likewise, there are times when they fail to consider the long-term consequences they face should things go wrong. This includes injury to employees, enforcement action, lawsuits, loss of business and worse. Within this industry, typical problems often include fights, over-intoxication, underage drinking and other disruptive acts but these incidents are proven to be reduced with the proper training in place. At Safer Training Solutions we strive to provide this in the most cost effective manner.

People have for years fone to bars and nightclubs to have a good time and feel safe. Our course is set up to help establish a better environment as well as a safer one. They also carry the goal of being able to protect your business from the very real and often life changing incidents that just one night can produce. Protecting customers, employees and your business is our priority.

As with all of our courses, we deliver our training designed to provide comprehensive and easy to understand information to ensure the improved and guaranteed safety of both the employee and the customers. Discussions include lawsuits, liability, and most importantly techniques to keep your customers safe and secure.

In choosing a company like Safer Training Solutions you are investing well in a company which is able to deliver these services in a most transparent and straightforward manner. Additionally, our expertise is second to none and we are constantly developing our service offering in line with the safety requirements of the times we now live in.


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