Who are Safer Training Solutions?

Safer training solutions have been providing PMVA and physical intervention training through our diverse group of trainers from a number of sectors including police, military, health and care, education and entertainment, providing training in care homes for children with complex needs, mental health care establishments and elderly care homes.

Are Safer Training Solutions accredited?

Yes, we are. We carry a variety of accreditations including accreditations with the The National Federation for Personal Safety, The Institute of Conflict Management, Qualsafe Awards and Highfield Qualifications.

Do you deliver training services?

Yes, training is a major part of our business. We can come to your premises / facility and train delegates or simply arrange our own sessions for you to come to.

Do you deliver courses?

Yes, more than the training, the courses are the main aspect of our business and service offering. At present, we have 12 different offerings. We are constantly looking to adapt this and constantly developing new specialist services.

Do you deliver refresher courses?

Yes, very much so. This is a major part of our business and course offering. Making sure people are as up to date as possible with their training is massively important to us after all.

Do you take steps to ensure your content is fully up to date?

Very much so. We are constantly updating what we deliver to our clients. This is likewise a massive requirement in general given we are constantly being reviewed ourselves by the associations to which we are accredited.

We work very hard to make sure our course content is of the highest quality and likewise that our service and training / course offering is as high quality as possible.

What steps do you take to ensure each delegates requirements are being met?

We constantly question and communicate with our delegates through each session and ask them to leave feedback. This was way we can quickly adapt our course delivery to work better for our delegates.

What makes Safer Training Solutions different to other service providers?

We are a company that has first hand experience of the custody sector since the year 2000. We likewise have vast experience and knowledge about the Security Industry as a whole.

Having worked in the public sector in the police and with charities as well as other public sector organisations, we are unique are more recently we have also reached out to schools and care homes. Unlike other service providers, our range of experience is second to none.

Creating a trusted working relationship is key to the way we operate. As noted already, we are a company which is constantly reviewing, updating and developing the courses we deliver and the content in our courses. It is our goal to offer and deliver the very very best courses to our delegates.

Can you supply references for other clients and organisations you have worked with to date?

We do have a testimonials page on the website here, however if you want a more in depth reference, we can get you on touch with the other organisations we have worked with to date.

How can I book with you?

This is a very straightforward process. You can simply fill in our contact form on the contact us page. Alternatively, you can call us direct on 01372 230 798 or email us at info@safertrainingsolutions.co.uk – we await your enquiry.

What methods can I use to pay for my training?

You can for your training using all of the major payment methods, including cheque, BACS, PayPal etc – we will simply provide our bank details on our invoice for the works carried out.

Do you serve all areas of the UK?

Yes, we work right across all areas of the UK. We also consider working overseas upon request. To date, we have literally undertaken work across all regions.

Call us on 01372 230 798 to discuss your requirements

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